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I was born in 1974, in Budapest as the first daughter of a young language and literature teacher and a civil engineer. My father taught me the things he was really good at: skiing, swimming, cycling, Mathematics, being persistent and never being late. My mother taught me to speak and chat, to read and draw, she showed me how to enjoy literature, and how to deal with other children, including my own younger sisters.
As a child I preferred games that had nothing to do with dolls, I climbed trees, played with Matchbox cars, and fought endless wars against the army of the neighbouring king. I was daydreaming about becoming a stuntwoman, a ski trainer or an ornithologist. I also read a lot, my favourites were Count Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and a Hungarian adoption of Robin Hood.
At the age of fifteen I was given the chance of spending four months in Brooklyn, New York in a wonderful family as an exchange student within the framework of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation. My host family was of South American origin, therefore the language they used among themselves was Spanish. The time I spent in America changed my life in several ways: it opened my eye to many things I had not been aware of before, I became more independent and open-minded, eager to get to know other people and cultures, and last but not least I learnt a lot of English and Spanish.
After graduating from high school I applied to the Human Faculty of a respectful Hungarian university (ELTE), where I learnt enough to become a teacher of Hungarian and English language and literature and a teacher of Drama. During my MA studies my hobbies were making theatre with children and travelling. I became the director of an elementary school drama group, where I didn't only stage plays, but also wrote the plays to be staged myself. But this was my passion and I also needed to earn money for my journeys. Therefore I gave private English lessons, and had several part time jobs such as a tour guide, a hostess, a translator, an interpreter, a receptionist and assistant in the Embassy of India.
Having received my degree I carried on teaching and started to work as a journalist, too. Only the birth of my children made me realise that the most suitable job I had ever tried is being a mother. I have three daughters and a son: Lilla, Bori, Dalma and Vilmos, and a loving and very patient husband. I try to teach my children the things I am good at: speaking and chatting, enjoying literature, skiing, loving nature, being persistent and never being late. And tell them a lot of tales, of course.