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A crazy bicycle suddenly flies away from the playground dragging two children along. The eight-year-old boy and the six-year-old girl first find themselves speeding along the Milky Way, then all of a sudden, land on an unknown planet. They desperately look for a way to get home - and are advised to follow the Road of the Brave to its very end. During their trip they have to cross extremely strange countries (Sandland, Stoneland, Plantland, Shadowland, Ironland and Upside-down Country) and face the weirdest creatures and dangers. Each country means a new challenge and presents new adventures that can only be overcome by bravery, justice and friendship.

Will the two kids be able to get home? At the end of the road the Upside-down Wizard is awaiting for them with extra trials. Excitement, suspense and a world of compelling fantasy dominates this outstanding book that shall become the new favourite of 5-9-year-old children.

The book was published in May, 2007 with the beautiful and artistic illustrations of Csilla Gévai.

The book can be ordered in Hungarian here. It is possible to look inside the book here.