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Frost Colony

Frost Colony lies so much to the north that the water of the sea freezes at winter-time. Its dwellers are frost-dwarves, its capital is Iceville, where the impregnable ice-castle of the frost-kings stands.

In Rumini 2 the destination of the Wind Queen is Frost Colony, where the mice get into incredible troubles: they get lost int the North-Sea, the ship is attacked by black seagulls and other enemies, Bruce the boatswain substitutes the captain for a long time and Rumini disappears again. But they luckily find Franky Collar, and ex-sailor who had been left at Persimmon-Coast years ago, as a punishment for his tricks and naughtiness.

With the help of Rumini, Banino, Franky, the misterious Knight of Fog, and Doreen a little frost-dwarf girl, the frost king even has a chance overcome the traitors and regain his lost country.


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