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The toddler is having a tantrum: she refuses to get dressed, doesn't want to eat, wishes to stay at the playground longer, or just needs more attention. Every parent has experienced such situations - or will sooner or later. What can be done? Tantrum Tales were made up by the author in a state of crisis in order to calm down her thrashing toddlers swinging their arms and stomping their feet in public or at home.
This little book contains charming stories about Tantrum Brownie, the friend of misbehaving children, the girl who didn't want to get dressed and the boy who refused to put his toys back to their places.
The beautiful illustrations and short dialogues make the book easy to read even for children eager to turn pages. The book begins with an "adult tale", a true story to hearten and comfort parents and ends with a wonderful "additional tale" that only wishes to amuse its readers.

Publisher: Tudex Kiadó Kft, 2005