Hallo! A new friend is coming! Grimy the three-year-old little boy is on his way to the playground!

His clown is sitting right behind him and of course they are THE FASTEST!

In the other tale of the book all the vegetables of the garden play hide and seek. It is up to Grimy to find them. But beware! Some guys are hiding under the ground!

To be published in June 2009.

Illustrated by Írisz Agócs.


Rumini 3 - Rumini and the four Scepters

This time Rumini and the Wind Queen travel West, all the way to the Golden Sea. Its islands are inhabited by four nations: beavers, turtles, snakes and light-lads. (Light lads are the strangest creatures of all: tiny beings, not bigger than the flame of a match.)

The four nations have been living in peace for centuries, but a few months before the arrival of the Wind Queen the scepters of the four kings were stolen, the king of beavers had disappeared and some evel forces gained place.

Rumini and his fellow sailsmen (or rather sailsmice) have to face the evil and bring peace to the territory, otherwise they shall not be able to return to their home.

To be published in June 2009.

Illustrated by Anna Kálmán.


Portable Cats in the Circus (Portable Cats 3)


What happens when all the artists of a circus forget their shows? Horses run about wildly, the brave lion becomes a covard, clowns are rather boring and sad, and the magician...well, it's better not to think about it.

When such awful events take place, it is best to call the Portable cats. Their magic and funny ideas might solve the problems and even save the acrobats from falling...

Illustrated by Írisz Agócs.

To be published: in June 2009.



Penny and Charm 5 - Fairies All Wet

In the next issue of the Penny and Charm series all the tales take place around water: a spring, a stream, a pond, a well and even the sea.

Penny and Charm fly all the way to England to meet their friend Nelly and her vegetarian dragon, Rolf.


Illustrated by Panka Pásztohy.

To be published in winter, 2009.